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Steel & Grace Classes!

One thing that sets Steel & Grace aside from other pole studios is the offering of both S Factor and Pole Fitness under the same roof!

With us you can combine our powerful Pole Fitness classes with the feminine movement practices of S Factor for a well rounded, full body, free expression training in pole and dance. 

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 Pole has the power to change your body, build your strength 
& flexibility, and best of all boost your confidence!

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Pole Fitness

Discover What Your Body is Capable of

Wow yourself!
Build strength and stamina, while developing proper technique essential to your pole growth. Discover what your body is capable of with our Pole Classes.
Our pole classes combine all aspects of pole ~ aerial, conditioning, flexibility, heels, transitions and choreography. All classes are open to all genders and welcomes you to show up in your full free expression. 

S Factor 

The Movement of the Feminine 

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"S Factor® is a feminine movement practice - a sensuous workout for body and soul that’s intelligently designed to open the female body into her full, free, erotic expression."
Most S Factor classes are open to women identified folx only. When women gather with other women an opportunity for free self expression and sensual exploration is created. A place for healing and reclaiming the feminine body can occur in spaces that are geared towards acknowledging the way the female body has been disjointed in our culture. However, we know that the construct of the feminine is only one part of a larger range of expressions in the body regardless of gender. We also offer All Gender S Factor classes so everyone, regardless of gender, can explore the sensual parts of themselves. 
Studio Classes
It is our goal to meet the specific needs of each of our students. We focus on developing an understanding of the importance of building strength and stamina, while using proper technique. This is essential to your safety and continued growth as a pole dancer. If you have some experience with Pole but are uncertain about your level, please register for the Intro/Pole Foundations (L1) class, and the Instructor can help assess your current ability. If you have never taken a pole class, please start here as well. 

Types of Classes

We offer both Drop-In and Series classes!
We recommend all new students try our Drop-In classes to asses which Series they would like to join. Contact the studio to be added to the waitlist for upcoming Series offerings.

Drop-In Classes:
Open to all students. Register online to ensure your class spot is secured. Drop-in classes are different than a series in that you can drop in any time.
Series Classes:
Join a series to move through designed curriculum to build a specific set of skills. Series are a set of number classes that are taken in a sequence to level up a specific skill, over the span of a number of weeks. To enroll in a series, register ahead of time through the studio.

If you have never taken a pole class, or need to brush up on the basics, this class is for you. In this class, you will be learning the fundamentals of pole technique and strength training. From walking around the pole to basic spins/floor work, various pole sits/holds, as well as instruction in climbing and basic inversions. You will walk away with all you need to progress forward in your pole journey. Please wear shorts/sports tops that provide knee, thigh, side, and armpit/elbow exposure to allow for grip on the pole.

INTRO TO POLE/POLE FOUNDATIONS SERIES (6 Week Series-Contact the studio to be added to our waitlist): 

Join us for this 6 week series to build all the foundations you need to set you up for a successful pole journey! In this series you will learn the fundamentals of pole technique including strength and mobility exercises. From walking around the pole to foundational static spins, floor work, pole sits, pre-inversion drills, and basic climbs. You will walk away with all you need to progress to L2 pole after this series.

Open to beginners or those who want to brush up on the basics. No experience required.

Please wear shorts/sports tops that provide knee, thigh, side, and armpit/elbow exposure to allow for grip on the pole. Pants over shorts is recommended for the warm-up and floorwork.

*Must have taken at least 4-5 Intro/Foundations classes first
It’s time to take what you’ve learned in our Intro to Pole classes and bring it to the next level. This class was created to teach you everything you need to know in order to progress to our level 1.5 and level 2 classes. Not only will you have a great time, you’ll also get an amazing cardio and strength-training, full-body workout. Learn how to spin, climb, move smoothly up and down and all around the pole, and build your strength to prepare you for inversions.


*Must have instructor approval

This class is for those who are ready to transition to Level 2. You are a solid Level 1. You are comfortable with twirls, fan kicks, climbs, sits, and have begun training your inverts. You are still building strength for your inverts and working on your leg hangs and foundational inversion technique. In this class you take your inversions and strength to the next level and learn to get comfortable with not only your inverts, but your leg hangs, leg switches/torso switches, lay backs, crucifix, butterfly, brass monkey, etc.

Please note that this class requires prior Level 1 classes, whether from training at a different studio, or following instructor approval.


*prerequisite is a strong aerial straddle invert, inside & outside leg hangs

This class is for students who are ready to learn shoulder mount and ayesha tricks and transitions! Each class will include advanced invert drills and conditioning followed by a combo. Combos will sometimes be on spin and sometimes on static, and dynamic technique for both will be taught, including flares, beats, and regrips. 


Ever felt stuck in your strength or flexibility training? Experience frequent joint popping? Have unexplained joint discomfort? The techniques and drills taught in this class can help with all of these!


Students will learn exercises to address the musculoskeletal system and the nervous system in tandem. Each class will focus either on the lower body to increase straddle and splits mobility or on the spine and upper body to improve backbending and shoulder range of motion. Most stretches taught focus on active flexibility and will increase strength and stability to safely mobilize the joints and reduce the active/passive gap.

This is an all-levels class appropriate for first-timers to the most advanced students. We highly encourage all students to attend this class to augment their pole journey and safely build up the required strength and mobility for pole. We also love incorporating students’ goals into each class!


Slow down and enjoy the circular movements your feminine body loves! You ever get that feeling like you are disconnected from your body's deep wisdom? That place in you that knows how to play and feel deeply, and can be the guiding force in your life? S Factor was created to invite you back into this place so you can connect with your feminine radiance! This class explores slow circular movements that deepen your feminine connection while offering a great workout.


This beginning class will introduce you to foundational S Factor movement pathways, beginning pole moves and teach you a sexy wall/floor routine. Open to female identified folx only.

S FACTOR SERIES (FOUNDATIONS, INTERMEDIATE and ADVANCED-Contact the studio to be added to our waitlist):

Each series is an 10 week container to advance you through your S Factor practice... New series for each level are announced periodically, so watch the studio calendar and social media for series announcements.

Foundations Series: Welcome to the world of S! Join us in this Foundations series and invite your body into the slow sensual workout of S Factor. Each class will lead you through a slow signature S Factor workout designed to awaken your sensual body, condition your muscles and increase your flexibility. We will cover 2-3 basic pole moves each week, learn a flirty routine, play with dancing in heels and learn beginning strips. Join us for a fun discovery of your body and great workout within a wonderful community of women!


Intermediate Series:

Congratulations on completing your Foundations S Series! Now that you've met the magic of your body, let's explore more. More strips, more S routine, more clothing and music choices to ignite your body. Intermediate S starts layering all the components that unearth your body's erotic nature. In this delicious class we will uncover more of your feminine genius and body wisdom with free flow dances and music exploration. Take this time to learn more about the S Factor philosophy while unearthing your erotic core!Every class will start with a slow signature S Factor workout then dive into your 2-3 pole moves for the week and additional strips and music exploration. Class open to anyone who has completed Foundations or advanced students who want to revisit this curriculum.

Advanced Series:

Now that you have completed the first 2 levels of S Factor we are ready to dive deeper into your authentic movement and body stories. You are at that fun stage of your journey where you are starting to feel those inner stirrings of your body's true primal nature. We will continue to explore this through fun class assignments with clothing, music, strips, lap dances, brain immersion tools and erotic creature icon dances. This series will take your S Factor practice to the next level by exploring your erotic creature and how she likes to move. Class will start with a yummy S warm up and moving meditation. We will end class with your personal free dance time. Bring your EC gear, heels and a song you'd like to dance to.  .


Is your body ready to tell her story with free uninterrupted dance? Those of you who are long time S Factor students know the joy of full free erotic dance expression and this class is for you! You will guided through a yummy S warm up and moving meditation then each student will have the floor for individual pure dance time.


Bring EC gear, heals and your song choice for the night.

**Must have completed through level 3 S Factor series to attend. 


*prerequisite: 3 pole foundation/level 1 classes and you know around the world and pirouette

This is for anyone who is curious to see how tricks you learned in the pole foundation/level 1 classes can be woven together into smooth low flow combos around the base of the pole. We will focus on basic heels techniques, common heels combos for pole, and transitional floorwork. Knee pads and pleaser heels with minimum 6 inches are required.


Learn to dance fluidly and comfortably on the floor. Open to all levels, this class will equip you with foundational floorwork skills to put some smooth in your moves and guide you toward moving continuously and effortlessly on the floor. Bring your knee pads and socks. Based on the Floor Flow® program by Marlo Fisken's Flow Movement.

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