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This incredible organization is dedicated to underprivileged young women having access to feminine movement that empowers them as they grow into their full grace as women. Created by fellow S Factor teacher and dear friend, Femme Rising is committed to bringing movement to young women in their twenties and the queer community so anyone wanting to access their bodies can!


Feminine Rising’s mission is to bring the transformational benefits of feminine movement to young women and women in marginalized communities. It is kicking off 2019 with two exciting events:


  •             A workshop for queer- and trans-women featuring facilitated discussion of the challenges they face leading lives that embody their femininity, followed by an introduction to feminine movement practice, so that attendees can express physically what they’ve felt and learned. (Date TBD, San Francisco)


  •             A four-day retreat called "Awakening" for young women where attendees learn feminine movement practice (S Factor and Femme!), Desire Mapping, nutrition counseling and more. Emphasis will be placed on the connections between mind, body and soul that are the basis of a truly embodied femininity and the sisterhood to which all belong. (March 7-10, Los Angeles)


Feminine Rising needs your support to make these events, and the others it is planning, a reality.  Please consider making a donation part of your Holiday celebrations.

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Donate to Femme Rising Here!
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