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 Pole fitness has the power to change your body, build strength, flexibility, and best of all boost your confidence!
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Pole technique:

Once you have taken Intro To Pole classes (We recommend that you take the intro class three to five times), and you feel that you completely understand and get the moves you learned in Intro to Pole, you are then ready to join any of our LEVEL 1 BEGINNER classes.


In order to sign up for LEVEL 2 BEGINNER/INTERMEDIATE classes please first attend BEGINNER classes, or get approval from one of the instructors.

It is our goal to meet the specific needs of our students at Steel and Grace in each of your classes. Please understand that the importance of building strength and stamina while using proper technique is essential to your safety and continued growth. If you have some experience with the pole but are uncertain about your level, please register for a level 1 class, and the instructor can help assess your current ability. If you have never taken a pole class, then you please first take at least one intro-level class.


Moves listed under each level are not the only moves taught in that class, but they should help with understanding the level of class you are signing up for. You should be able to perform these moves well, in order to move to the next level up.


If you have NEVER taken a pole dance class, this is the class for you. In this class, you will learn the fundamentals of pole technique and strength training. From walking around the pole to basic spins and floor work, you will walk away with all you need to join our beginner-level classes. Please wear shorts, or pants that roll up so that the back of your knees can be exposed.

~Walking around the pole

~Body rolls

~Basic pole spins (fireman spin, back hook spin)

~Dismounts to the floor

~Basic floor work

~Fan kicks

~Basic strength training

Must have taken at least one INTRO TO POLE class first (we recommend a minimum of 3 to 5 times).
Pole L1 (Beginner) It’s time to take what you’ve learned in our Intro to Pole classes and bring it to the next level. This class was created to teach you everything you need to know in order to progress to our level 2 classes. Not only will you have a great time, you’ll also get an amazing cardio and strength-training, full-body workout. Learn how to spin, climb, move smoothly up and down and all around the pole, and build your strength to prepare you for inversions.


Ready to work on inverted moves? Then this class is for you! Created for those who are already working on twirls, climbs, and inverts, and are ready to take it to the next level. You will learn to refine your inverts, and will work on various sits, laybacks, drops, leg hangs, and will start to increase your repertoire of inverted moves such as leg/torso switches, butterfly, brass monkey, shoulder mounts etc.

Please note that this class requires prior Level 1 classes, whether from training at a different studio, or following instructor approval.

Dual sided proficiency while performing:

~Basic pole climb

~Two-handed spins (fireman, back double attitude, basic carousel, chair) 

~Pull up to sit

~Pole sit variations

~Pull up crunch

~Fan kick

BUMP N GRIND POLE (Level 1/2):

Love body rolling, clacks, twerking, and low flow? Bump N Grind Pole marries the sultry and ratchet sides of pole for an exhilarating hour of mid to uptempo heels choreography. Super charge your musicality and confidence. 

Class flow: meditative warmup, conditioning, skills building (e.g. spin, trick, twerk), concluding with choreography. Dress sexy, bring kneepads (or long leg warmers), and Pleaser-style heels (or socks). Please have at least one month of pole experience.

For students who feel very comfortable with inversions, leg hangs, climbing. Must have been taking our level 2 classes for at least a few months before signing up for this class, or at least one full year of extensive training in other facilities. 

If you are comfortable with all your level 2 inversions, we are ready to take you to the next level of strength and grace. In this class, we raise the bar with more advanced inversions and holds, as well as spins. You will learn how to put it all together in some beautiful combos, as we help you find your own strength and style. Level 2 (beginner/intermediate) classes are required prior to this class, or approval from one of our instructors.

Dual sided proficiency while performing:
~One-handed spins

~Climbs and their variations (forearm climb, side climb, spinning climb on static pole)

~Upright bracket/split grip holds


~Chopper into basic inversion


~Outside leg hook

~Inside leg hook


~Aerial inversions (from strong hold grip)

~Cross knee lay back




~Inside/outside leg-hang switches, and transitions in/out



Come get spinny with Simmy! This is a mixed level class , however climbing experience is required. You will learn spin pole basics, such as how to control the speed of your spin, as well as various sits, holds, grips, upright spins and transitions. and YES!, there will be inverted tricks in this class as well, such as fun and beautiful shapes and variations in/out of leg hangs and brass monkey. Because this is a mixed level class, there will be options for the beginner as well as "pluses" for the advanced student.

Beginner Aerial Technique & Conditioning:

Beginner Aerial Technique are exercises on the pole that introduce you to the different hand-grips used in pole dancing; use of fulcrums, and broader work in leverage and pulling down-to-go-up concepts to increase your overall progress on the pole. You will see how tension and friction play a great part in many aerial elements on the pole! You will work all parts of your upper body, such as, your overall core, as well as, your inner/outer thighs and hip flexors - needed for dancers! By coming to this class on a consistent basis, learning new spins and ticks in your other pole classes will be easier because you are gaining aerial technique, methodology, along with a thorough understanding of what you are doing in time/space! Beginner Aerial Technique also prepares you for our Intermediate/Advanced Aerial Technique class and ultimately prepares you for all the things aerial! Cue Aerial Beast Mode!  

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