S Factor

There is a centered, confident, radiant woman inside you.

You will find her through​ THE MOVEMENT OF FEMININE™

S Factor® is a feminine movement practice - a sensuous workout for body and soul that’s intelligently designed to open the female body into her full, free, erotic expression.


Do First Friday the S Way!

Let's make our First Fridays even more delightful by kicking off the evening with Fluid Feminine Movement! Slow down and enjoy the circular movements your feminine body loves! This 1 hour workout brings us down into our hips, deepening our breath and allows us to let go of the world outside.

Come to the studio relax and ignite your radiant for your night on the town. All levels! Mark your calendar for the first Friday of the month!


Your S Factor practice starts with a dive deep into your feminine body during this popular class series. We begin with the S Factor Workout and move through pole work, floor work, and striptease, concluding with the S Routine or free dance. From beginning to end, this experience is an intuitive evolution of your erotic identity. Ask any S woman – you’ll find that this journey is delightful!



​Slow down and enjoy the circular movements our feminine body loves! You ever get that feeling like you are disconnected from your body's deep wisdom? That place in you that knows how to play and feel deeply, and can be the guiding force in your life? I know, I've felt that too! S Factor was created to invite us back into this wonderful place so we can connect with our feminine radiance!

This class will explore slow circular movements that deepen our feminine connection while also offering a great workout. Women report feeling more alive, free and expressive in their lives after their first few S Factor classes! Plus, they experience overall body strengthening and increased flexibility from these exercises designed for the feminine. We will learn a sexy routine, explore beginning pole and build a fun community! No experience needed for this intro class. Invite a girlfriend and join the fun!



All of you gorgeous women who have completed Pole 1...congratulations! Let's continue playing with those pole tricks and start layering fun new pole play into our dances! We'll learn more of our hot routine and start combining it all together! Start picking your own music and playing more with clothing as we delve deeper into self exploration, emotions and your body's incredible wisdom.



In this delicious class we will uncover more of our feminine genius and body wisdom with free flow dances, pole routines and a deeper exploration of music.



By invitation for advance S women. We will continue to delve deeper into your body's erotic nature and move unapologetically into free dance and moving meditation.

Pole Fitness
 Pole fitness has the power to change your body, build strength, flexibility, and best of all boost your confidence!

It is our goal to meet the specific needs of our students at Steel & Grace. Please understand that the importance of building strength and stamina , while using proper technique, is essential to your safety and continued growth. If you have some experience with Pole , but are uncertain about your level, please register for the Intro/Pole Foundations (L1) class, and the Instructor can help assess your current ability. If you have never taken a pole class, please start here as well. 

If you have never taken a pole class, or need to brush up on the basics, this class is for you. In this class, you will be learning the fundamentals of pole technique and strength training. From walking around the pole , to basic spins/floor work, to various pole sits/holds, as well as instruction in climbing and basic inversions, you will walk away with all you need to progress forward in your pole journey. Please wear shorts /sports tops that provide knee, thigh, side, and armpit/elbow exposure to allow for grip on the pole.


Ready to work on inverted moves? Then this class is for you! Created for those who are already comfortable with twirls, climbs, sits/laybacks, and inverts , and are ready to take it to the next level. You will learn to refine your inverts and increase your repertoire of inverted moves, such as leg hangs, leg switches/torso switches, butterfly, brass monkey, etc. Please note that this class requires prior Level 1 classes, whether from training at a different studio, or following Instructor approval.

For those comfortable with level 2 moves, your Instructor will raise the bar and provide you with advanced variations, in order to take you to the next level of strength and grace! You will learn how to transition between moves in order to put together beautiful combos, and will learn aerial inversions, shoulder mounts, Ayeshas, and more complex brass and leg hang variations.


For those who have mastered aerial inverting and aerial shoulder mounting and are starting to work on two point holds such as ayeshas, this class is for you!
This class will focus on taking your pole game to the next level! We will explore handspring entries, janeiro variations, various two point holds, and more! Learn to put advanced tricks into combos, and play with both static and spin pole. This class is great for building your strength and stamina!



This class focuses not only on Spin Pole basics, such as how to control the speed of your spin, but also on various sits, holds, grips, and transitions in both upright and inverted positions. 

This class is geared towards the intermediate/advanced student who is comfortable inverting and doing single legs hangs. For those who are more on the beginner side of things: must be able to climb and do a Jasmine. Please check with your Intro instructor prior to attending.


Pole Choreo is a fun class dedicated to musicality, character development and level 1 pole tricks. We get to explore different characters and feminine archetypes as we learn choreography. We start with a fun sensual warm up, proceed to freestyle and sometimes choreographed floor movement to set the mood, and then launch into basic pole drills.

The remainder of the class we flow with the pole tricks, transitions and choreography to a selected song. We'll rotate songs either every two weeks or every month depending on the class flow! Come step into your feminine in this fun 1 hour 30 min class.


This conditioning class is for students looking to improve muscular strength and endurance. We will begin the class with a quick warm-up and stretch. Afterwards, we will work through a series of exercises using the pole and body weight to tone upper body, lower body, and core.
All levels are welcome!


This class is open to all levels! This class will focus on flirty floor work and fluid movement on and around the pole. This class emphasizes the beautiful fluid flow of sexy pole dance, floor work, walks and poses. Stiletto heels are encouraged and leg warmers and/or knee pads for floor moves are highly recommended.


This class is a more intense, specialized stretch & conditioning class to work deep into the main muscle groups and enhance the overall range in flexibility. Stretches are held for longer to reach extra depth with an emphasis on breathing to get length and will include active stretches to build strength in students’ flexibility. Each class will focus on a particular area of the body for example, back and shoulders or, hips, glutes and hamstrings.

Love body rolling, clacks, twerking, and low flow? Bump N Grind Pole marries the sultry and ratchet sides of pole for an exhilarating class of mid to uptempo heels choreography. Super charge your musicality and confidence. 

Class flow: meditative warmup, conditioning, skills building (e.g. spin, trick, twerk), concluding with choreography. Dress sexy, bring kneepads (or long leg warmers), and Pleaser-style heels (or socks). Please have at least one month of pole experience.


BUTI is a dynamic asana practice fused with primal movement, tribal dance and deep core engagement. Increase your flexibility, strengthen your muscles, and get your heart rate up to fun dance music. Men and women welcomed. 


Come ready to sweat, work out, and shake your booty!

Bring a yoga mat, towel, and water. 

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