Upcoming Workshops 

Join Steel and Grace's Performance Troupe!

This performance-based workshop series is a unique program that gives you an opportunity to experience the process of creating and performing a production routine. The 6-week series is led by Steel & Grace Instructors and will conclude with two live performances!

You will be challenged to retain choreography, learn staging, build stamina and strength, learn various styles of dance, build confidence and character as well as improve stage performance skills.

No experience necessary! Though we encourage you to talk to us about your goals before signing up. We invite all levels, ages, sizes and genders. This program is designed for you if you want to improve you skills or simply perform in front of an audience. The skills and choreography you will master in this workshop will enable you to perform effortlessly and with confidence.


National Dance Week, April 23rd  

Spring Student Showcase, May 16th


April 17-19, 2020

Have you ever thought about teaching pole?

Would you like to up-level your pole skills and knowledge?

Whether you want to teach or just dive deeper into your personal pole practice we have a great opportunity for you! We are hosting a training with the nationally acclaimed training company elevatED! 

Join us for this 3 day training in the comfort of your own studio to gain foundational tools for deepening your practice and becoming a kick ass teacher. (Teaching opportunities at Steel and Grace upon training completion are an open possibility but not guaranteed)


elevatED teacher training opportunity for you at Steel and Grace! 
April 17-19, 2020

elevatED trains instructors to safely, effectively and confidently teach both aerial and ground-based skills. By studying the 7 elevatED principles of instruction and excellence, plus over 80 techniques, you will be well-suite to teach comprehensive and exciting classes.

Additional topics of study include

  • Legalities and liabilities: client releases, incident reports, insurance information, equipment directories, maintenance forms and more

  • What you do and say matters: your conduct as an instructor

  • Cueing through verbal, non-verbal, and kinesthetic commands

  • The anatomy and biomechanics of pole dance fitness

  • The art of alignment and opposition

  • How to use anchor points and points of contact

  • Creating a balanced class plan

  • How to build a warm-up

  • Classroom problem solving

  • The art of progression: how to gradually increase demands on the body for safe and optimal advancement

  • The role of pre-engagement in strength building and injury prevention

  • How to guide your students towards creative thinking

  • Understanding how limb and lever lengths affect the difficulty of pole moves

  • Working with overweight clients

In the elevatED Level 1 Pole teacher training, you will learn how to cultivate a rich classroom experience your students will enjoy and appreciate. You will learn how to apply training secrets from dance, gymnastics and yoga to your beginner class and 90+ dance movements, strength techniques, floor skills, climbs, dismounts spins and inversions. 

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