What you need to know before your first pole class! 

1. What should I know before taking my first class?
Pole classes are all about feeling comfortable, pleasurable and of course, safe. To ensure you get the most out of your experience, we ask that you please arrive 10-15 minutes early to class so you can fully arrive, drop into your body and feel relaxed before class even begins. Wear comfortable clothes that feel good on your skin, and clothes that allow you to feel free to express yourself. Your favorite bra, your favorite soft fabrics, and to make sure that you stick to the pole, we recommend clothes that expose your skin such as shorts and a sports bra, or your favorite tank top (feel free to wear pants over your shorts for our warm up and the walk from your car to the studio).

One last little tip, to make sure we protect the pole equipment and your body, please refrain from wearing any jewelry, rings, lotions or oils during pole classes.


And most of all, arrive with an open mind, ready to have fun, explore your body and connect with other embodied women!

2. I’m new to pole. Which class should I take?
The best place to start as a new students is with our Intro to Pole, or our S Factor Level 1 classes. These classes go over all the proper foundation and techniques so you will feel confident as you continue to play and explore here at Steel and Grace. As a new student, you can sign up as a drop-in to any classes marked “Level 1” or “All Levels”.

3. Do I need a dance background?
Not at all! Some of the best pole dancers today have zero dance background! You will learn everything you need to know in class. Start with Foundations and from there you can work your way up to more advanced classes. You can also take our conditioning classes, flexibility classes, and choreography-dance classes to round out your training. Our S-Factor classes will make even the biggest non-dancer find her sexy, slinky, sultress.

4. Do I need to be in shape to pole dance?
Pole dance is for all people of all fitness levels, shapes, and sizes. Period. So come as you are and know that we are ready to meet you where you’re at and help you explore from there.

5. What type of shoes do I need? Should I wear heels?
We normally go barefoot for introductory level classes, so you will not need to wear heels for the majority of our beginning and all level classes. In some of our advanced classes, speciality workshops, and our Heels and Floorwork Class we do wear heels. Rest assured, we will give notice in our class and workshop descriptions if heels are part of the curriculum; if they are we recommend platform style heels such as Pleasers.

6. Is there a changing area? Showers?
There is a bathroom in the building located down the hall. Showers are not available on site.

7. Is there parking for my car or bike?
Yes! There is plenty of street parking and a large lot across the street. That said, parking can be more difficult during weekday mornings so we suggest you leave yourself extra time if you are coming to a class on a M-F during the morning.

8. How do I sign up for a class?
Due to the high volume of interest we recommend you sign up for your classes in advance online. Most classes fill prior to the week they are offered. You can register and pay online through our MindBody scheduler. To sign up for regularly scheduled classes, please sign up through the ‘Schedule’ page on our website. Please sign up and pay before taking a class.

9. How do I sign someone else up for a class?
You are welcome to sign someone else up for a class. Begin as you would signing up for any of our classes, and once you click on the 'Sign Up' button for the class, you'll see a screen that defaults to 'Make Reservation For Myself'. In order to pay for someone else, check the button for 'Make Reservation For Someone Else'. From there, enter the full name of the person you are trying to pay for, and check the box next to 'Pay for this other client'. After you click 'Make a single reservation', you'll be taken to a payment screen to pay for that person.

10. Do you limit class sizes?
The maximum limit for studio classes are 10-12 students (depending on class), two students to a pole. Virtual classes are limited to 20 students. Make sure to sign up early and reserve our spot online!

11. What is your class cancellation policy?
You can easily cancel a class online 8 hours in advance and keep your class credit. For cancellations with less than 8 hours notice, your class will be forfeited and you will be charged a $15 Late Cancel fee. A class No Show will acquire a $25 fee. Most of our classes sell out so this policy is to ensure fairness and access to classes.

For S Factor Students participating a committed series, you are permitted to miss up to 2 classes in a series. Please follow the same sign out procedure. These classes are designed to build on each other so your philosophy and skill sets can deepen with continual practice. Please speak directly with Ellice to schedule a make-up class so you can cover the same content and stay up with the class.

12. I left something at the studio? How can I come get it?
We have a Lost and Found located in the studio. You may come in during any of our regularly scheduled class times and look for your item. Feel free to give us a call and leave a message regarding the item you are missing and we will keep an eye out for it!

13. Live Virtual Class~What do you need to participate?

Please download the latest version of Zoom and have your account set up prior to your first class. You will receive an email one hour prior to your class time with your Zoom link and password. If you sign up for S Factor classes please also have a premium account with Spotify. Your playlist will be emailed to you along with your Zoom link so you can control your music in your home.